You have probably heard many stories about brandy, and yet, you should read ours. It bears witness to what happens when love, knowledge and dedication meet tradition and innovation. We work carefully on every process of producing each bottle of STARA RAKIJA. Passion and dedication – for everything we do, from our hearts, with care and devotion.

About ten years ago, on the slopes of Zlatibor mountain, where nature seduces with its freshness, where almost every family, by special recipe, generates backwards generations a recognizable alcoholic drink … where hosts are good … where dining is rich … where people like life and people … Stara Rakija was created in a beautiful landscape at the foot of Zlatibor mountain, and with its charm soon won everything. Stara Rakija is the leading brand among premium brandy, which gives a completely new meaning to this traditional Serbian drink. Stara Rakija tries to offer at least a part of tradition and maximum quality in its products. Every fruit from which this magic drink is created is chosen with care, and only those best ones are considered for the ingredient of our brandy.
Because Stara Rakija returns the fame to a traditional Serbian drink. Because quality is our imperative. Because FRUIT IS THE ESSENCE OF BRANDY. Because our inspiration and courage move us, resulting in constant innovation.
Because Stara Rakija educates, as it combines tradition and urban, preserving heritage for generations to come. Because we come from nature and we are in harmony with it. Because we enjoy life…


Altitude, high precipitation and a large number of sunny days per year have caused Zlatibor to have lush vegetation and therefore ideal conditions for excellent and high quality plum yields.


The main support for organic production is nitrogen, as the main carrier of yield, obtained from manure, peat, sawdust, compost, etc.


Organic plant production methods contribute to the minimal pollution of the environment, the promotion and maintenance of soil fertility and the preservation of biodiversity.


In order to get quality brandy, a good caldron is needed. Our caldrons are domestic, Serbian, made of copper, forged according to the tradition of the best old masters, where all the values of the climate and the past generations are included.


The most widely spread ecosystem in Zlatibor are ponds and meadows, which grow about 120 species of different plants, many of which have medicinal properties, which are paradise for obtaining the best mead, clean and high-quality honey.


The quality of the barrels in which brandy is served is a very important factor in obtaining the quality of brandy and its aromas. The barrels of Stara Rakija are of the sessile oak or downy oak species. The oak from which it is made naturally dries up to 7 years, then it is processed, after which the barrel is made.
Stara Rakija

Stara Rakija was created in a beautiful landscape below Zlatibor, and its charm soon won the world. The richness of its flavors is a special confirmation that tradition and quality ideally coincide with innovation and style. The old honey brandy is really made of honey, the quince brandy is made of quince… and so it can be repeated indefinitely, for every taste.

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