tatjana miletic

“There is only one door separates dreams from reality – COURAGE”

Our greatest secret is love, from which everything is born. Love for nature, life, enjoyment, and people. Thence comes dedication, which enriches knowledge – new, innovative, but also old, inherited.

The name of the brand “Stara Rakija” (Old Brandy) already at the beginning indicates our desire to preserve the tradition for the generations to come. We have set ourselves the goal not to undermine the integrity and quality of this traditional Serbian drink through modern technological processes because quality is something without which our story about Stara Rakija would not be possible. On the other hand, we decided to combine the heritage with modern and urban way of life, giving Stara Rakija an out-of-date context.

Tatjana Miletić

The richness of the taste of our brandies is a special confirmation that tradition and quality ideally coincide with innovation and style.

Stara Rakija with honey contains real honey, the quince brandy is made of quince … and so it can be repeated indefinitely, for every taste.

Urban Divine will provide a magical experience to all true hedonists with a special taste of apple with cinnamon and honey. Already after the first sip, Urban Divine forever changes the taste of brandy as a drink!

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Experienced people say that brandy is the best in a carefully selected society. If they are to be trusted, its real magic starts with good music. Enjoyment adds to the taste of quality tobacco and Cuban cigars.

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